Down The Road

Who Am I?

I drive armoured trucks hauling high risk cargo, but I’d much rather be a writer.  I love cooking, even though I’m very finicky about what I eat, and I love Christmas.  When I’m asked about the happiest times in my life, apart from having my own family, those times would be the years spent in my family home in Beaumaris, during the years after my cousins had followed us out to Australia.

I miss those years of laughter and family time, even more as I grow older.  I miss my children being shorter than me and needing their lunches made…and their socks picked up from behind the couch, where they invariably landed at pyjama time.  I miss standing in front of the fire warming towels while they had their baths.

If I could have a wish, it would be to go back to those times.


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